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    Networking for the New Year

    Just like me, no matter what your profession or industry, you have competition. But all too often, we fall complacent in our day-to-day interactions, missing opportunities and losing momentum. For many of us, a new year means it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. For some, those resolutions may involve growing or strengthening your networks. Whether you’re just getting started, starting over, or simply looking to enhance an already stellar network, consider these tips to make the most of your relationship efforts.

    Getting Started: Initiate, Interact, Invite

    For the up-and-coming professional just starting to build their network, I have this advice: Take the initiative. If you make a meaningful new connection, be diligent about follow-through. Reach out and let them know your interaction was meaningful to you. Don’t hesitate to invite a second encounter—if you can tie in a common interest or preference from your first meeting, even better. You’ll demonstrate your professionalism in that you remembered them mentioning a penchant for French press coffee or single malt Scotch.

    My only word of caution is to leave plenty of room for authentic reciprocation. Relationships are permission based and pursuing a professional relationship is much like a personal one—it’s possible to come on too strong. Be intentional, not pushy. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the other person to reach out to you. When you’re starting out, it’s also important to ask for introductions from those with whom you’ve already built a good reputation. 

    Starting Again: Re-energize Existing Relationships 

    Whether you’ve made a career move, a physical one, or have just let things lull down, reactivating your networks can seem more daunting than it actually is. Organization makes information usable. Start with a scroll. Reading through names, or looking through profile pictures is a good starting point, but don’t stop there. Sort those contacts into groups (in my app, Vipor Plus, these are called Orbits) based on priority. For example, you can organize by High, Medium, and Low Priority, or numerically, such as Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. Once you’ve done this, you can begin to reach out. Craft messages and determine how you’ll communicate based on the priority. Balance the importance of the desired results with the level of effort required to achieve them.

    Sure, the people in your database may reach out to you, but when your success or failure is determined by the quality of your networks, why wait for a call that may never come? Relationships, after all, are investments. Some are penny stocks with little ventured, little gained. Others require significant time and attention to see really big payoffs.

    Staying the Course: Decide. Commit. Succeed.

    The first and last word in effective relationship management is diligence. Our long-term success lies in our every day routine. Why is this piece of “common sense” advice so uncommon? People promise, but don’t deliver. If you want to stand apart from your competition, the formula is simple. Do what you say you’ll do when you said you’d do it. I start my day with an overview with that very thing in mind. I can’t possibly remember every little email, call, or task, which is why I depend on a tool to keep those little details from slipping through the cracks of my memory.

    Whether you use an app like Vipor Plus, spreadsheets, or sticky notes, put your system to work for you! Organize contacts by location, interest, etc. Communicate regularly and with a personal touch. Schedule activities with reminders, so you don’t miss deadlines. Remember, little things don’t mean a lot—they mean everything.


    As the co-inventor of ACT! Contact Software, the product acknowledged as the catalyst for the CRM industry, I’m actually not a fan of traditional CRM. Why, you may be wondering? I think it’s too limited. Relationships don’t always fall into distinctly professional or personal categories. People may move from one classification to another, or even be in more than one at a time. The relationship statement for my company VIPorbit Software is this: People Matter. We believe in the infinite potential of closer relationships. If you haven’t resolved to be more diligent about building your network this year, I hope after reading this you will. Everybody networks. Make the most of every introduction and interaction with diligence and professionalism!

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    ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Greetings

    It’s holiday season once again. The time of year we make our gift lists and, most of us, send holiday greetings. Whether you typically send cards from the office or cards from your family, it’s a good idea to sort through your contacts and organize to whom you’ll send which type. We send all sorts of greetings—cards, emails, texts, and now the list includes DMs, Snapchats, and many more.

    And we send these holiday greetings for various reasons: to say “thank you,” to say “thinking of you,” and even to say “hope you’ll keep us in mind for your business needs in the future.” This is also the perfect time of year to say a special thank you to those of your contacts who have given you a personal referral (or two, or three!) and thus have made a positive impact on your livelihood. In our case, we try to reach out to our friends and those in the Vipor Plus community who have told friends, family, and colleagues about us—or given us an app store review. (hint, hint)

    Whatever your reason, whatever holiday you’re celebrating, take some time this season to sort through your networks, business and personal, and give a bit of thought to the type of greetings you will send. Vipor Plus makes it easy to create temporary Orbits, like these: Christmas email, Christmas card, Christmas text, Christmas party invite. Once you’ve organized by communication method, you can give even more consideration into the type of message you’ll send each group.

    To some, a simple mass email wishing them “Happy Holidays” (or Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanzaa) will be appreciated, perhaps even reciprocated. Maybe you were in their mass email list. For others, say a sub-selection of your Christmas email Orbit, you’ll want to send a personalized message.

    Whatever you do, avoid unintentional mass communications that show the contact information to other recipients. Without naming any names, I can say from personal experience, that an individual who does this, and on behalf of their organization no less, makes themself and the company look bad.

    You can also use Vipor Plus to create an Orbit for all the people who send YOU a card. Then next year, you’ll have a ready-made list of folks that you don’t want to forget! The same can apply for referrals. You can create a custom field named “Referred” and populate it throughout the year. A simple report will include your contacts for whom that field is populated. Next holiday season, it’ll be primed and ready for you to acknowledge all of your supporters!

    Vipor Plus will record any way you reach out (when you use the app to communicate, that is), so you can see year after year all of the holiday greetings you’ve exchanged.

    I, along with Mike Muhney and the rest of the Vipor Plus team, would like to extend our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and yours! We wouldn’t be here without you and for that we are truly thankful.

    Written by Kari Gates

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