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    Meet. Follow-Up. Repeat.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day; neither are our networks. In the same way that weight-loss goals aren’t met from one day of healthy eating or one strenuous workout doesn’t mean you’re in good shape. A valuable introduction is a great start, but it’s only a beginning. If you’re serious about extending your networks, I have one word for you—repetition. By increasing exposure over time, you work to build a relationship beyond the introduction.

    In the book I wrote with VIPorbit Software co-founder Max J. Pucher, Who’s In Your Orbit?, we outline the four components of meaningful relationships: time, intensity, trust, and reciprocity.” For those who resolved to work on building more relationships, both business and personal, I recently wrote a post about “Networking in the New Year.” To build on that, I want to share from my experience from the past year.

    I’ve branched out and begun attending a professional group. I was looking for an opportunity to sharpen my professional edge with a monthly learning opportunity while building new connections with new like-minded folks. This particular group highlights two professional or personal development books each month and then gives a thought-provoking synopsis meant to serve as a quick overview and a teaser to delve more deeply into relevant topics.

    The first time I attended I was immediately intrigued. The format provided an excellent mixture of information and opportunities for socializing. I made several great new connections. Some led to follow-up opportunities. Others led to key introductions to other members, guests, and even authors. If I had intended to attend only once, I might have still achieved my objective of learning something and meeting a few people, but I would have left so much on the proverbial table.

    Showing Initiative

    Often the decision to try something new requires a bit of gumption. Who among us hasn’t walked into a meeting feeling a little bit like the new kid in school, holding a lunch tray in the cafeteria looking for an empty seat and a smiling face? When your purpose outweighs your trepidation, great things can happen. After all, most great things happen outside of your comfort zone.

    Stepping into a new networking group can be intimidating, but it can also be self-affirming. Introducing yourself, your organization, and your purpose can all help you solidify what resonates with others and what leaves them scratching their head. Showing the initiative to try something new is something the other attendees or members can relate with as well. Everyone is new sometime.

    Demonstrating Sincerity

    If that first meeting you attend sets a foundation, repetition is what builds the house. Attending again and again says something about your purpose. It shows that you aren’t looking for a quick payoff but belonging to a group. Anyone can say that they are sincere. Only behavior over time can demonstrate it.

    For a recent speech, I wore my signature lime green sport coat. During the meet-and-greet time and even the meal preceding my keynote, I had several people compliment my coat. I’m sure there are others who wondered about my color choice. Beyond the fact that I just really like it, it usually serves to illustrate one point: We are all constantly evaluating each other. What you wear one time may not make an impression, but how you interact, how you follow up, even how open you are to others definitely shows. And people are paying attention!

    Revealing Dedication

    Not only does repetition develop trust over time, it also offers opportunities for reciprocity. I wholeheartedly assume the burden for building new or developing existing connections. If something is important, you make it happen. If not, you make an excuse. Rather than wait for a connection to reach out to me, I take the lead and reach out to others.

    I’m not waiting around for something when it’s in my power to do it. That said, repetition reveals my dedication to the group overall. It’s often rewarded by opportunities for others to reciprocate my efforts. I might not be top-of-mind throughout the month, but my dedication to attend time after time puts me in their path. It’s like an in-person reminder to follow-up with me. Consider it built-in access to what they may otherwise forget or simply fail to do.


    You may attend a yearly conference or a once-in-a-lifetime event that yields amazing results, but those are the exception and not the rule. However, consistent efforts produce long-lasting results. In fact, your future success is hiding in your daily routine. Networking events or development group meetings may not be everyday routine. However, over time, you’ll find success when you step outside of your comfort zone to show initiative, keep going to demonstrate your sincerity, and over time reveal your true dedication!

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    ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Greetings

    It’s holiday season once again. The time of year we make our gift lists and, most of us, send holiday greetings. Whether you typically send cards from the office or cards from your family, it’s a good idea to sort through your contacts and organize to whom you’ll send which type. We send all sorts of greetings—cards, emails, texts, and now the list includes DMs, Snapchats, and many more.

    And we send these holiday greetings for various reasons: to say “thank you,” to say “thinking of you,” and even to say “hope you’ll keep us in mind for your business needs in the future.” This is also the perfect time of year to say a special thank you to those of your contacts who have given you a personal referral (or two, or three!) and thus have made a positive impact on your livelihood. In our case, we try to reach out to our friends and those in the Vipor Plus community who have told friends, family, and colleagues about us—or given us an app store review. (hint, hint)

    Whatever your reason, whatever holiday you’re celebrating, take some time this season to sort through your networks, business and personal, and give a bit of thought to the type of greetings you will send. Vipor Plus makes it easy to create temporary Orbits, like these: Christmas email, Christmas card, Christmas text, Christmas party invite. Once you’ve organized by communication method, you can give even more consideration into the type of message you’ll send each group.

    To some, a simple mass email wishing them “Happy Holidays” (or Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanzaa) will be appreciated, perhaps even reciprocated. Maybe you were in their mass email list. For others, say a sub-selection of your Christmas email Orbit, you’ll want to send a personalized message.

    Whatever you do, avoid unintentional mass communications that show the contact information to other recipients. Without naming any names, I can say from personal experience, that an individual who does this, and on behalf of their organization no less, makes themself and the company look bad.

    You can also use Vipor Plus to create an Orbit for all the people who send YOU a card. Then next year, you’ll have a ready-made list of folks that you don’t want to forget! The same can apply for referrals. You can create a custom field named “Referred” and populate it throughout the year. A simple report will include your contacts for whom that field is populated. Next holiday season, it’ll be primed and ready for you to acknowledge all of your supporters!

    Vipor Plus will record any way you reach out (when you use the app to communicate, that is), so you can see year after year all of the holiday greetings you’ve exchanged.

    I, along with Mike Muhney and the rest of the Vipor Plus team, would like to extend our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and yours! We wouldn’t be here without you and for that we are truly thankful.

    Written by Kari Gates

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