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    Clever Approaches for Software Acquisition

    Spending nearly my entire career in the software world, not much has changed over these many years as it relates to obtaining software. I know, I know, Salesforce.com ushered in the whole “Software as a Service” model a few years back, which I applaud, but they like everyone else it seems still offer only long-term contractual plans. Nothing wrong with that of course as they are trying to have a predictable and sustainable revenue outlook as a public company. But when it comes to considering the viewpoint of the actual user, well, nothing much has changed. Until now.

    One thing none of us needs to be reminded about is the sorry state of affairs in the economy today. Yet business must not only go on, it must also take this time to improve its operations, customer relationships, and company values, even to the point of being counterintuitive to the fearful herd mentality shaking the markets. Add to that the greater balance, if not altogether difficulty, required during these times between need vs. ability to do something about it – in other words, to pay for it. Where change is concerned more options equates to smarter choices and more-likely successful outcomes.
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