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Mike has enjoyed a varied, passionate and uniquely successful career in the high-tech industry. Born and raised in Chicago and graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Finance, with Honors, Mike began his career with IBM in 1975 and was professionally trained in their intensive full-time 6-month-long internal Sales School. He was ranked 6th out of his national class of 66 students, after which he sold mainframes and software solutions and achieved numerous Hundred Percent Clubs, IBM’s most successful sales fraternity.

“Mike and Max break open the myth promoted by social media consultants that more relationships are better than focused personal ones. Through their insights, you can create authentic connections that form the springboard for personal and professional leaps forward.”-Tom Searcy. CEO of Hunt Big Sales and Author of RFPs Suck

ACT! Co-inventor Mike Muhney has a vision for relationship management software, based on 25 years of experience in the market he helped create. Mike Muhney and his then business partner, Pat Sullivan, launched ACT! on April 1, 1987. With ACT!, they produced a best-selling product that digitized the Daytimer® era, and created the contact management software category, which was a catalyst for the multi-billion-dollar customer relationship management (CRM) software category.

The ultimate VIPorbit power-user, Mike Muhney, shares his number one tip for getting the most from his mobile relationship manager. Mike melds together his expertise in the field of relationship management and contact management software for the benefit of users everywhere. He’s not a believer in saving the best for last. Watch the first episode to find out what Mike thinks is THE most important tip of all!


Interview with Gerhard Gschwandtner, the Publisher of Selling Power Magazine (180,000 subscribers to print magazine). Mike filmed this while he was in Boston last week at one of Gerhard’s 3-annual Selling Power Conferences. Gerhard is an expert in CRM and Contact Management field because of his and his magazine’s focus, and he personally uses VIPorbit.