Mike Muhney | CEO & Co-Founder of VIPorbit

CEO & Co-Founder Mike Muhneyof VIPorbit Software International, Inc.


 VIPorbit brings concentrated relationship-centric value to your personal relationships both business and social. VIPorbit is funded and released VIPorbit® on the market in February 2011 beginning with the iPhone, followed by the iPad version in February 2012.

VIPorbit has had numerous exceptional editorial reviews that can be seen on the company website, along with video tutorials. It also recently received its’ first Editors’s Choice Award from iPhone Life Magazine.

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Co-Creator of ACT!

Beginning with Pat Sullivan and Mike’co-creation of ACT! Mike Muhney has been recognized as a global visionary and powerful speaker on the subject of effective business relationships.

In 1986 Mike and Pat Co-Founded the company Contact Software International and they co-created ACT! which is credited with creating the category of Contact Management applications. ACT! also has been frequently credited with pioneering today’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) industry.

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Who’s In Your Orbit?

Have you ever stopped to consider Who, exactly, is in your Orbit? Your Orbit is your personal and professional network. It’s the foundation for all you do. If you’ve ever been in a personal or business crisis, you know that PEOPLE MATTER. The people in your orbit will travel with you to the next level in life, shaping your world, adding to it, and if they’re not the right people, detracting from it.

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